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Effects of Mass Media
Brad Gober
Anthony Debonis
Effects of Mass Media
“The more media we have, the more we think we are connected, yet we are really disconnected from each other (“JR”, 2015). Many people have different opinions when it comes to media. No one is wrong in how they feel media is portrayed. There are many positives and negatives media has shown over the decades. However, there are some people would prefer to have mass media than none at all. In this paper I will analyze the way mass media has changed over the generations and how it has transformed. Secondly, you will learn about how each development influenced the world. I will discuss media convergence and how it done and what my personal thoughts and opinions on this process is.
In the very beginning of the century, America relied solely on newspapers and articles. The evolution of mass media has increased over the years basically by how technology has transformed. Before internet no one had the luxury of downloading an app for weather or news media. It started with a basic paper delivery. No one buys the newspaper anymore because of how far technology has come. Another major development was the radio. Radio could provide war information much faster than newspapers, and people desired to hear current events of war situations, and the situations of family overseas. Ten years later television came to dominate the media industry (“Evolution of Mass Media in the 20th Century, 2015). By now, technology started developing more and more and soon people started getting televisions and figuring out how black and white TV was really about. Then started color TV, and that created a huge uproar with media and news. It was new, it was exciting and it was something people craved more every day. One of the main interests in this time was how convenient television and radio brought the…...

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