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Course: MKTG 300, Principles of Marketing (10122)
Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Room 235, CBA
Instructor: Dr. Praveen Soni
Office: Room 355, CBA Phone: 985-4763
Office Hours: After Class e-mail: praveen.soni@csulb.edu (No junk mail, please)

Course Objectives

To provide business and non-business students with the basic knowledge of marketing, regardless of their area of specialization. To relate marketing concepts to real life business situations using numerous cases and various Internet activities. To develop students’ ability to understand marketing challenges, issues, and alternatives, and the ability to make recommendations. To inculcate an appreciation for the marketing activities typically performed by marketing professionals.

Required Text

Lamb, Charles W., Joseph F. Hair and Carl McDaniel (2013), Marketing, Twelfth Edition,
South-Western Cengage Learning, Mason, Ohio.

Course Grade Determination

The course grade will be determined by weighting the components as shown below. Relative grading will be used to assign letter grades after all scores have been compiled.

Test 1, 2, and 3 – 20% each Group Presentation – 15% Multicultural Retailing Field Project – 15% Individual Participation – 10%

Tests 2 and 3 are non-comprehensive. Each student is responsible for bringing a SCANTRON 882 and a No. 2 pencil for the tests.

To enhance learning and understanding of the concepts and practice of marketing, students are encouraged to use the Internet as an on-line resource for information on cases and companies, as well as engage in various Internet activities tied to the numerous companies mentioned throughout the textbook. Finally, students should make every effort to read the assigned chapters and prepare the cases prior…...

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