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The Tragic Flaws of Hamlet and The Great Gatsby
In Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the main characters both go through tragic flaws. Their love does not end up the way they want but they keep on trying to make it perfect. Hamlet and Gatsby both have a job they want to do but cannot pursue that goal because they have men that are standing in their way. They also have secrets that they keep from their fellow friends and family and no one knows the actual reason for their misbehavior. Hamlet and Gatsby both suffer tragedies as they try to live their perfect, dream life.
Hamlet and Jay Gatsby are both in love with the women that means everything to them. Hamlets love for Ophelia is so insane that her father Polonius thinks that he is mad and lovesick. While Polonius and Claudius spy on Hamlet and see what the real problem is, they see Hamlet being violent with Ophelia after she tries to return his gifts. “The origin and commencement of his grief sprung from neglected love” (3.1.179-180). Polonius still believes that the reason behind Hamlets behavior is still crazy and caused by his love for Ophelia. Hamlet never really admits that he is in love with Ophelia until he sees her being buried at her funeral. “I loved Ophelia; forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum” (5.1.263-265). Hamlet goes into deep sorrow when he sees Ophelia is dead and says that his love for Ophelia is greater than the love of forty thousand of men put together. Gatsby also has a lover named Daisy that he has known for a long time. He’s known her for 5 years and says that they have been loving each other for 5 years. Gatsby had to go to war and had to leave Daisy. When he returned he saw that Daisy had married Tom and couldn’t do anything about it since he was poor. When Jordan tells Nick about the note that Daisy had…...

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...American dream means to be accomplished, wealthy and famous. I think that the book The Great Gatsby does just that. By describing gatsby's life, author F. Scott Fitzgerald, makes it clear that Gatsby's past, belongings and fame all contribute to describing the American dream. Gatsby grew up poor, once working as a janitor and fisherman. He met a man named Cody and sailed with him until one day he passed away. According to Cody's will, Gatsby was supposed to inherit his money,  but Cody's mistress got in the way and kept it for herself.  From then on, Gatsby made his own fortune and prospered from there. This is an example of how Gatsby's past made him an accomplished man, therefore contributing to the idea of “The American Dream”. Usually living the American dream includes the goal of obtaining wealth. Gatsby met daisy when he was younger and from then on, wanted nothing more but to impress her. So he did everything he could to win her over which meant becoming wealthy. Jordan explained to Nick that “He wanted to show her his house”(79) meaning Gatsby wanted to impress Daisy with his huge mansion.  Gatsby also owned many cars but one in particular was a Rolls-Royce which was described as “a rich cream color, bright and there in it’s monstrous length with triumphant hatboxes and supper-boxes and toolboxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a dozen suns.” (33). Gatsby also used his wealth to throw enormous parties. “Your place looks like the Worlds......

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...Effect |  In Act I.v, the Ghost of King Hamlet reveals to Hamlet that the King had been poisoned to death by Claudius.  Dramatic irony occurs because Hamlet, the Ghost and we know the truth that Claudius murdered Hamlet's father.Dramatic irony occurs because only the readers and his friends Marcellus and Horatio know that Hamlet is only pretending to be mad.Ophelia and Polonious thinks that Hamlet is mad in love with Ophelia but only we and his friends know that Hamlet is only pretending to be mad.  |  Hamlet, Ghost and Claudius    |  Sympathy with Hamlet and his father.Antipathy with Claudius |  Claudius killed the father of Hamlet. And no one knew the reality.Antipathy for Claudius because he murdered his own brother and became the king. |   | | Hamlet, Horatio and Marcellus | Sympathy with Hamlet. | Sympathy with Hamlet because he knows that his father had been murdered but couldn’t reveal the truth. | | | Hamlet, Ophelia and Polonious | Sympathy with Ophelia. | Sympathy with Ophelia because she also thought that Hamlet was mad, which made her sad. | | | | | | | |       |   |   |   | Dramatic Irony Critical Analysis- For my critical analysis of dramatic irony in Hamlet I chose when Hamlet learns that his father was poisoned by Claudius. This situation is dramatic irony because Hamlet and the reader know that it was Claudius was the one that killed Hamlet’s father, but the rest of Denmark believes that King Hamlet was bitten by a snake. The rest......

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...In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the descriptions of landscape reflect the theme of the distinction between social classes that pervades the book. Two vehicles through which Fitzgerald describes the landscape include Gatsby’s house, and the geography of New York and its weather. The descriptions of Gatsby’s house changes as the book progresses, and it should be noticed that they parallel changes in the plot, and highlight the theme. In previous chapters, Gatsby’s house is just as much of an enigma as Gatsby himself. As Nick describes the parties that his neighbor throws, the house becomes a luminous entity in itself. Nick narrates, “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the stars.” (43). Nick's indifferent attitude with a tinge of curiosity reflects his upbringing and temperament that separates him from the aristocrats that frequent Gatsby’s parties. Fitzgerald’s use of the word “blue” to describe the gardens, conjures up images of a crepuscular evanescence, and twilight. It is fitting with the mood of the story: subdued, without the intensity that characterizes later chapters. The changes in weather also illuminate the contrariety between Gatsby and Daisy, two very different people who illustrate the disparity between classes. When Gatsby and Daisy first meet, it is raining outside. Nick narrates, “While the rain continued, it had seemed like the murmur of their voices, rising and swelling a little, now and then, with gusts of......

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