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Answer Key – Chapter 7

7.1 How many grams of solute are present in the following solutions? a) 25.2 g of a 4.25 % w/w solution of glucose

25.2 g solution x 4.25 g solute = 1.07 g solute 100 g solution b) 125 g of a 6.55% w/w solution of sodium sulfate

125 g solution x 6.55 g solute = 8.19 g solute 100 g solution

7.3 How many grams of KHCO3 must you add to 250 mL of water to prepare a 0.600% w/v solution?

0.600% w/v solution means grams of solute = 0.600 g = 0.006 mL of solution 100 mL

x g KHCO3 = 0.006 so x = 1.50 g KHCO3 250 mL solution

7.6 What mass of glucose is required to prepare 210 g of a 8.50% w/w solution of glucose?

8.50 % w/w solution means grams of solute = 8.5 g = 0.085 grams of solvent 100 g

x g glucose = 0.085 so x = 17.9 g glucose 210 g solution

7.11 What is the concentration in mg% of a uric acid solution that contains 0.230 mg uric acid in 19.0 mL of solution?

mg % solution means mg of solute x 100 mL of solution

0.230 mg x 100 = 1.21 mg % 19.0 mL

7.14 What is the volume of a 2.8 M solution that contains 0.70 mol of solute?

Molarity - M = moles of solute L of solution

2.8 M = 0.70 moles of solute so x = 0.25 L x L of solution

7.16 What are the molarities of solutions containing
a) 0.60 mol in 0.80 L

M = 0.60 mol = 0.75 M 0.80 L

b) 0.75 mol in 1.5 L M = 0.75 mol = 0.5 M 1.5 L

7.18 Calculate the number of moles contained in
a) 0.200 L of a 0.700 M solution

0.200 L x 0.700 mol = 0.14 mole L

b) 2.60 L of a 0.750 M solution

2.60 L x 0.750 mol = 1.95 mole L

7.22 What is the molarity of a solution containing 21.55…...

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