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QUESTION 1: E-mail
On 15 May 2015 the manager of Capricorn TVET soccer team sends an e-mail to Mr K Baloyi to thank him and the staff for the lovely evening they spent at Industrial Chesanyama. He mentions the delicious food, excellent service and the beautiful live jazz band. He promises to bring the team back next year. Write this email in 80 – 100 words and address it to the attached ADDENDUM to answer this question.

Question 2: Notice and agenda
You are senior administrator of the office of Mall of the North in Polokwane. Mr T. Nkosi is the Manager of the Mall. The next monthly meeting of all shop owners in the Mall is on Friday 10 June 2015 at 19:00. Mr Nkosi asked you to compile the notice and agenda for this meeting which is usually held in the boardroom. Include the following matters on your agenda: * Mall renovations * Additional recycling banks * Upgrading of emergency evacuation measures

Question 3: Accident report
You work for MABOBO INC. as a secretary. On 10 May 2015, during lunch break, you and two colleagues, Jane Langa and Thandi Cheune, an admin clerk, were walking back from Wimpy. Two boys were skateboarding on the pavement outside the shop. Thandi collided with one of the boys, who could not slow down in time. She sustained a sprained ankle, several cuts and bruises. Jane and you tried to help Thandi. One of the Wimpy workers brought an ice pack to put on her ankle. You phoned her brother, Sam, who arrived at 14:15 and took her to the doctor. The owner, Mr N Mabobo asked you to write an accident report. Give all the necessary details by describing the accident, steps taken after the accident as well as the results of medical examination.
Use the attached ADDENDUM to answer this…...

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