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Josefina H. Cerilles State College – Lapuyan Extention
Poblacion Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur


The Learner’s Development and Environment


Name of FS Student: Marjie A. Tawan
Course: BEED Year & Section: II
Resource Teacher: Mrs.Leonor V. Tacuhan Date: August 8, 2012
Cooperating School: Antonio V. Apostol Sr. Mem. Central Elementary School

An Observation Guide to the CLASSROOM VISIT

Read the following statements carefully. Then write your observation reported on the provided space.

1. Describe the community or neighborhood where the school is found.
2. Describe the school campus. What colors do you see? What is the condition of the building?
3. Pass by the offices. What impression do you have these offices?
4. Walk through the school halls, the library, and the cafeteria. Look around and find out the facilities that the school has.

Observation Report

An Observation Guide to the CLASSROOM VISIT

Be guided by these tasks as you do your observation. Then accomplish the matrix to record your data.
1. Look at the walls of the classroom. What are posted on the walls? What heroes, religious figures, visual aids, announcements, do you see posted?
2. Examine how the furniture is arranged. Where is the teacher’s table located? How are the tables and chairs/desks arranged?
3. What learning materials/equipments are present?
4. Observe the students. How many are occupying one room?
5. Is the room well-lighted and well-ventilated?


Classroom Facilities Description
(location, number, arrangement, condition)
1. Walls There are rooms which lacks picture displayed on the wall. But some rooms have many pictures posted on the wall.
2. Teacher’s Table The teacher’s table…...

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