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Executive Summary:
Implementing localization with assessing the potential benefits and costs, the potential risks and the implementation plan have to consider historical aspects, geography, market, investments, human resources and supply chain as well. The North West Company is a leading community retailer to serve in the following regions: Northern Canada, Western Canada, Rural Alaska, The South Pacific and The Caribbean. Most of them are located in smaller; remote communities and generally not accessible by all-weather roads. Transportation is a considerable portion of North West’s expenses. With the goal of efficient logistic in mind, ordering was centralized, with input from the district and regional managers, and product was pushed to stores based on historical sales and forecast.
Cooperation between North West Company with Giant Tiger Limited in 2001 which applied Pull Strategy System and the stores were growing well; This evidence made us to consider whether this pull strategy system overall would be more benefit than the current one.
Based on the above reasons, I as a Director of Procurement and Marketing of North West Company decide to keep the current Push system innovatively such as realigned warehouse processing and shipping schedules, repositioning store location and distribution center on the remote communities and generally not accessible by all-weather road; and some of regional communities retailing that are generally accessible by all-weather road to open Giant Tiger store to implement Pull Strategy System.
This report will be used as a basis for discussion in our executive meeting this coming Tuesday, April 10/ 2012.
Barry McLeod
Director of Procurement and Marketing
North West Company

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