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Event Marketing
Tiffany Johnson
Principles of Marketing/343
Dr. Shepherd

What is Event Marketing? Event marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting event. Brand use event marketing entertainment (like shows, contest, or parties) to reach customers with sample or displays. Event marketing campaign provides value to the people beyond information about product or service. Event marketing targets specific individuals or group at gathering spots hoping to make some great impressions.

Event Marketing, who employs it? If a business is able to track and identify their target audience, they can find ways to appeal to them. A good example would be if a company sell hunting gear, then they can market at a hunting event. If a company provide a product, then they can give out samples as long as that sample is not illegal. For the companies that cannot hand out sample such as pharmaceutical or doctors’ offices can set up interactive experiences to consumers.

Event Marketing, how is it developed? Event marketing is rare because each event is approached differently. Most marketing team do not have to come up with plans, instead they base each event marketing tactic upon the brand and fits it into the event. Companies consider three aspects when doing an event marketing plan. The company first consider the personality their brand trying to convey. Example like Coca-Cola has tried to place their product as a harbinger of global, happiness and simple. Second, companies must keep their target audience in mind. Third, companies need to know what lasting impression they wish to leave on their audiences.



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