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Has someone ever made such a huge impact in your life? Im very certain that everyone, has had a close person to them that has changed there life in either a good or bad way. From alot of experiences i have encountered more then most kids my age have encountered, it was by certain people and situation's i put myself in because of the impact the indivuals left in my life. Theres not only one person who has made an impact in my life there is actually mutiple people, who have opened my eyes to many things.
My mother is prime example in my life that no matter what life throws at you can always get through whatever it is that you give up hope , and has you feeling like you just cant make it , or that your not strong enough . she loved to tell me when i was going through a certain situation witch she helped me get through with her words. "God doesnt put things in your life that you can not handel" when im feeling like i just cant take it anymore saying life is too hard and all i want to do is cry i look up to her and she tells me Trust in God he will never forsake you , i get up wipe my tears knowing i wont be going through this for long asking God for his strength and peace. because of her words i have learned to look up to God when things are falling apart. "i can do all things through christ who strengthens me" I dont know where i would be without my mom and her words of encouragement she has truly made a mark in my life that will never be erased look up to the lord and everything will fall into place.
My significant other has also made a very big impact in my life . He encourages me and pushes me to fufill my purpose to look further then just my pretty face , Not only to be beautiful but to be intelligent . when i feel like im not smart enough i cant do this and im doubting my…...

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