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Monica Plata
20 November 2015
Take home essay #1
A Very Heavy Future.
Childhood obesity is a reality in the US. Since parents do not have enough time to go home and make some food, instead they choose to go the quickest way, they would choose any kind of rapid food restaurant. But what we are not realizing are the major causes of this terrible disease called obesity. Many outcomes, which are all negative, make this “disease” so terrible, some of them are diet, medical conditions, and lack of physical activity.
Obesity makes a big and negative impact in the diet of children. Kids these days consume more calories than the recommended from their doctors. Due to the lack of time of parents and the stress accumulated, they forget that fast food, soda, candy, snacks, sweets, and baked foods contribute to the gain of weight to their kids. And because they eat these kind of meals every single day, children get used to it and will not want to eat healthy meals. Everything contributes to very serious medical conditions.
Childhood obesity is a mayor disease common among the children in the US. It all starts when the kid reaches and surpasses their normal weight point based on his/her age and height. Kids with extra pounds on their bodies have a higher risk of having other deadly diseases when becoming adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Childhood obesity also leads to poor self-esteem and depression. At this point most kids have a high lack of physical activity.
The consumption of junk food is not the only thing that makes up obesity, it is also the lack of physical activity. At the point where the kid has a high weight the lack of physical movement will also increase. Some factors like television, computers, and video games makes the situation even worse by keeping kids inside and more sedentary, which means they are burning fewer…...

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