En1320 Module 2 Lab 2.1

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Dorsey Douglas
En1320 Module 2 lab 2.1
Creating an Outline

The Gaming Industry and all its Fantastical Amazement

Introduction: It was once said that videogames would be just a fade. Something that would last about as much as the next generations fasion sense. Course I say its been said, as if there has been an actual book written. By they I mean my father. I cannot think of a time when videogames were not apart of my life. From my earliest memories I can tell you certain patterns from pong, pacman, etc. It has only been the natural progression of who I am that I would want my career to fall into something dealing with the gaming industry. As I said, once considered a fade, it is now a growing billion dollar industry. Hollywood Films, Symphony, Broadway Shows, have all had a tale from a game inspire their respective form of media. For me however it’s a specific part of the industry that I would love to be apart of. That’s the Story telling. I feel as if todays games are truly immortalized by the stories that they tell. From Mario saving the Princess from bowser, to The World Being over Run by a corrupt Private Military Corp. Gaming is where I want to tell my stories.


In conclusion, With my focus on school and now my new Career job, I see only great progress in my journey to become the next great gaming story teller. I don’t see much stopping me from my goals but myself. I want to some day be able to sit at the VGA’s and if nothing else have my name mentioned in the nominations for Game of the Something. Doesn’t Matter I just wanna be on the…...

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