Eeoc V. Convergys Customer Management

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EEOC v. Convergys Customer Management Group, Inc.

Author Note: This paper was prepare for Managing Employment Law in Business HRM 306 Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Body 4 Conclusion 6 References 7

Abstract One part of the American Disability Act, states that “employers must try to offer reasonable accommodation to an employee, unless doing so would cause significantly difficulty to the employer or too costly.” This case is about did the employer offer reasonable accommodation to a wheelchair bound call center employee or did they unjustly terminate him because of his disability. The employee did make his employer aware of his special needs but did the company try to make reasonable accommodations for this disabled employee

Introduction Convergys Customer Management Group, Inc. is a call center that hired a wheelchair bound employee named Demirelli. Mr. Demirelli was constantly late from breaks, lunch, and to work. The company did not have assigned workstations or sufficient parking for people who are disabled in their parking lot. Convergys Customer Management call center had a very strict tardy policy in place for the company to be profitable. Mr. Demirelli was ultimately terminated from the company. Mr. Demirelli sued Convergys Customer Management Group, Inc. and won.
“Do you believe the employer made a good-faith effort to reasonably accommodate the employee? “ Mr. Demirelli is wheelchair bound due his disease of brittle bones and this made traveling difficult for him. No, the employer did not make a good –faith effort to reasonably accommodate Mr. Demirelli. Mr. Demirelli first complained to the employer how he was having a hard time of finding a parking spot in the parking lot. He also made effort after effort to try to correct his tardiness. He even was coming to work an hour earlier to correct his…...

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