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DIY Doctor
Health information, such as symptoms and treatment, remains one of the most important subjects that internet users research online. Not only are individuals seeking signs, symptoms, and treatments for various illnesses and diseases, they now rely on health sites for information pertaining to food safety, drug safety, and pregnancy as well. In all, 80% of internet users gather health information online (WebMd News Room. WebMd Expert Blogs, 2011). Being the health fanatic that I am, I am included in that astounding statistic. Among the many different health sites, three of the well-known, most trusted sites are WebMd (, Everyday Health (, and Mayo Clinic ( ). Though these sites provide reliable, pertinent medical information, they all vary in some form or fashion. After spending ample amount of time on these sites, I found that while all were very informative, WebMd seemed to offer more.
There is a lot to explore at WebMD, including a drug database, articles about diseases and conditions, information about clinical trials, and abundant news and commentary relating to current events in the medical world. The site also presents live chats, offers newsletters on numerous subjects, assists users with finding doctors and health insurance, and provides the means for recording your medical profile and health history. I most certainly found this site to be an ambitious one, complete with readable, accessible, and thorough information. It's a valuable resource, despite its somewhat obtrusive burden of advertising. Since WebMd is a for-profit site, it has a number of ads on the page, thus causing a bit of a distraction, especially for the elderly and those with other sorts of handicaps. I do however, appreciate the fact that it has information for all ages, from the newborn to the elderly.
Like WebMd,…...

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