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• Are there competitors in that market? (local and foreign)
Devondale Murray Goulburn Valley Milk exports approximately half of their products overseas. They are focused on the developing markets of South East Asia, Middle East/North Africa, China and Indonesia. The main two countries chosen for this report are China and Indonesia. Goulburn Valley Milk does have local and foreign competitors as well as direct and indirect competitors competing in the dairy/fresh milk industry.

• What form of competitors are these: company size and product range?
As of the year 2012, results show that Devondale Goulburn Valley is the leading dairy industry and the company exported 740,000 tonnes of dairy products including fresh milk, instant milk powder, butter, cheese, cream etc. Local/ domestic brands in China such as Tianjin Haihe and Shangai Bright Dairy are rising quickly. Research shows that the market size in 2015 maintained at least 20% growth rate than 2014. These are all domestic and direct dairy companies, which produce more than 68133(Ton) of milk a year. Indonesian milk companies such as Frisian Flag and Indolakto Indonesia are two of the main leading brands in Indonesia with a value share of 36% for the year of 2015. This good performance was the result of packaging innovation.
Foreign competitors in New Zealand competing in the same industry are Fonterra and Guardian. Some of these big companies are responsible for more than 50% of the world’s dairy exports. Global demand for dairy foods is increasing fast, particularly in Asian countries. The more demand grows the more competitors enter the market. Indirect competitors producing and selling similar goods as Devondale Goulburn Murray Milk are also rising fast. Supermarket brands or the cheaper and more affordable brands such as Coles Smart Buy Milk and Woolworths are now producing more and fresh milk and dairy…...

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