Defending Customer Privacy

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Customer Relations and Servicing
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August 17, 2014

Abstract 1. Evaluate the manner in which Keanna handled the situation. What did she do well in the customer situation and what are some errors she inadverntly made? 2. What suggestions could you make to this problem-solving approach, so that future dilemmas of this type have a more customer-oriented and positive solutions?

Body When it comes to this situation Keanna was polite and said what she felt was right. One thing she should have done was apply her focused listening skills. Effective listening skills are essential to “read a situation” correctly (Gibson pp 95). The ability to solve problems, resolve differences, and capture opportunities involves actively listening (Gibson pp 95). If she had applied her listening skills she would have used the avoiding conflict management style. By using that style would have given her more time to gather information. By gathering more information that is when she would have considered the company’s return policy. The first suggestion I would make is listen effectively. By listening properly a CSR can instantly come up with ideas to solve the conflict. Taking the customer to look at other mattresses is using the collaborating style. Both parties are trying to solve the problem together. After finding a better mattress for the customer, that is when they take it to the manager or customer service and the rest would be handled from there.

Gibson, P. (2012). Problem Solving. Mason, OH.…...

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