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At Richmond Investments there are three IT Infrastructure Domains that are affected by what’s called the internal use only classification act. In my report I will briefly describe each of those Domains that are affected.
User Domain
The User Domain defines the people who access Richmond Investments information system. Accessing systems and their data employees have to adhear to the AUP which states the set standards on what do with the information they are accessing. This domain is the weakest link in the IT infrastructure and so employees are responsible for the company’s security.
Workstation Domain
The Workstation Domain which connects users to the IT infrastructure. In this domain staff should be able to have access necessary to be productive including the hardening of systems by having the latest software revisions, patches, and configurations. Additional layers of defense include logon ID’s and passwords for employees to access further sensitive information set by the IT Administration. Also no personal data devices allowed as that would compromise security.
LAN Domain
The LAN Domain includes the physical network components and logical configuration of services for the employees. Cabling, NIC cards, WAPs, and LAN switches are what make up the physical network whereas the LAN system configuration includes master list of user accounts and access rights. Second level authentication may be required acting like a gate where the employee must confirm where they are a second time. Administrators will maintain the departments file and print services and configures access controls for the employee. Needing strong security and access controls a third layer of defense is required as users have access to sensitive…...

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