Crisis Communication Effectiveness

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Crisis Communication Effectiveness: Article Summary/Critique
Rakiyah Muhammad
Professor Caldiero
COMM 3022: Communication Research
Fairleigh Dickinson University
December 11, 2015

1. This research article is about crisis communication effectiveness with the roles of relationship history and compassion. Relationships have become the focus for much public relations scholarship where various relational features have been examined in the setting of effective organizational communication. In this study, it specifically addresses the relational feature of compassion, a fraud crisis case, and the impacts of accommodative and defensive strategies. In the end, the results suggests that different responses are seen as more or less sympathetic by members of the same public. This is because the results are dependent on the perceived status of the organization-public relationship. 2. RQ #1: How does the use of accommodative or defensive crisis response strategies by organizations affect key publics’ assessments of compassionate crisis communication?
Hypothesis #1: Participants with a positive relationship history with an organization will view accommodative strategies as being more compassionate than those participants with a negative relationship history with an organization (Caldiero 14).
Hypothesis #2: Participants with either negative or positive relationship histories with an organization will view defensive strategies as lacking compassion (Caldiero 14).
Hypothesis #1 is a one-tailed hypothesis. This is because it is a declarative statement that does predict the direction of the fact that participants with a positive relationship background with an organization will be more compassionate than others that are not. “Compassion occurs through three sub-processes; noticing pain, experiencing a reaction to the pain, and acting in response to the pain”…...

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