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Job Stress Police officers are called upon to do a job which taps into the best qualities that exist within a human being. The fact that many of them are in uniform places each and every one of their actions in plain view for all to see. The fact that this is a very dangerous job and the constant need for them to display discretion places a great deal of stress on the individual. Despite all the expectations placed on the police officer and the constant need to make very crucial decisions, it must never be forgotten that like every other person, police officer’s are human beings.
Many of these police officer’s have their own families, and on many occasions the job conflicts with their lives at home. These civil servants are duty basically 24 hours a day and their schedules are liable to change at any time. Their schedules are liable to change at any time. The constant uncertainty causes disruption and conflict in their home lives. An officer is expected to disregard whatever situation brewing in their home lives, strap on a firearm and a badge and place his or her feelings on hold for the next 12-16 hours. These braves individuals are asked to patrol our streets, accept constant public abuse, with the constant fear of danger lurking around every corner. In a job such as this there are too many stressors to mention and this may be one of, if not the most stressful job known to man.
The stress in this line of work of one thing, but the fact that optimum performance is required regardless of these every present stressors, this is where the problem lies. A law enforcement officer is trained to think with a level head whether he or she has a sick child or is in the middle of an ugly divorce. These professionals stare down the worst that society has to offer and are expected to maintain composure at all times. How many jobs are there where…...

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