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March 10, 2015

Increasing the Current Approval Rating For Congress

In today’s society, our approval ratings for Congress are extremely low. According to Congressional Performance, Congress’ current approval rating started off as 16% in the year of 2015, and it is now at 18%. Although this is an increase, many of today’s Americans are not satisfied with congress and their ideas, how they handle the different situations we are in, or how they run our country. The amount of dissatisfaction with the government stems from the fact that there are officials in congress who are appointed versus being elected, public opinion is not being surveyed enough, and also, voter turnout also has depreciated significantly due to these things.

According to You Can’t Vote Everyone in Congress Out. So, What Can You Do, 60 percent of those polled would “replace almost every member in the house, including from their own state,” in the next election if they could. This is due to the fact that many of the officials in the government are appointed, and those that aren’t appointed, vote and select other officials or judges into high positions that have to do with citizen’s daily lives. This does not demonstrate accurate representation of the people because although the people appointed into congress are usually appointed by an official the people voted for, it is not a direct relationship which lessens the amount of approval for those members.

Voter turnout is constantly fluctuating in America from year to year. According to Zen College Life, there are many factors which play a small role in why individuals do not vote such as laziness, being too busy, and not liking the candidates, but there are also many more important reasons for not being able to vote such as disability, absentee, and voter apathy. Many…...

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