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Continuous Pickling Line No. 1


1. COIL RAMP : Coils are brought by crane and placed on the coil ramp .Coil ramp is provided with three coils stops which are operated by compressed air through hand operated levers. Side guides on the coil ramp are adjusted manually to the coil width +100 mm. 2. COIL ADJUSTING DVICE: The coil adjusting device is equipped with two parallel adjustable guide plates and 2 carrying rollers. They serve to bring the coil to the center line and for tightening the outer laps of the coil. Hydraulically operated coil ejector feeds the coil to the uncoiler supporting rolls. After centering the coil on the coil adjusting device, coil strap is cut and the head end of the coil is straightened with the help of a wooden block for easy feeding into uncoiler. 3. UNCOILER, SCALE BREAKER AND LEVELLER: This unit comprises of following equipments:- i) Supporting Rolls(2) are driven electrically. These are used to support the coil after it is ejected from coil positioner and to lift to the center-line of the uncoiler mandrel. Supporting rolls are raised and lowered hydraulically. ii) SCALE BREAKRS: In order to facilitate pickling in the pickling tanks, the cracking of scale becomes essential, upper layers of scale on hot rolled strip consist of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 which act very slowly with sulphuric acid. After upper…...

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Cig Rolling needed are readily available. The benefits of rolling your own cigarettes are numerous. First off, its inexpensive. GS Hammack, a man who writes for a website called, said that “smokers that are looking for an immediate saving will find that they can reduce the price of a pack of cigarettes from around $4.50 (in the Dallas Texas area) down to around $1.25, or maybe even a little less”. Another benefit is that, believe it or not, rolled cigarettes are more healthy for you than a regular pack of cigarettes. The bags that the tobacco come in are additive-free, which means that the rat poison and lip stick that you always hear about on bad cigarette commercials will not be included in your purchase. For any avid cigarette smoker, “rolling your own” is the way to go. There are three main things that are needed before we begin. They are the tobacco, the papers to roll the tobacco in, and of course, a lighter. So let us start with the first item on our list, the tobacco. Buying a large bag of tobacco will cost you around $20-$30 which may seem expensive at first, but in the long run you will find that you save tons of money. A bag of tobacco contains up to 30 packs of cigarettes. If you were to buy 30 packs of single cigarette packs it could cost you up to 200 dollars compared to a one time easy price of $30. So, first you have to determine what kind of smoker you are. Do you prefer a cool or cold feeling menthol blend of tobacco to a more fuller......

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