Close to the Waters Edge

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Close to the water’s edge
There are many themes in this story. The most relevant themes are expectations for the lives of others, insecurity, sexual insecurity. Those themes to suits the main character in the text. The main character has a lot expectation in his live, likes his mother. Since his mother didn’t live out her dreams, she’s trying to live her life trough her son’s life.
Close to the water’s edge is told with a 3rd person narrator and focuses on such themes as expectations, insecurity and family issues. The main character in the story is called ‘’Harvard. We do not get the main character's real name, but the boy’s stepfather, calls him ‘’Harvard’’, because he’s a student at Harvard university. ‘’Harvard’’ has left the university to come home to Florida to celebrate his 19th birthday with his family. ‘’Harvard’s’’ stepfather is a millionaire, and we get the impression that ‘’Harvard’s’’ mother only married the stepfather because of his money.
‘’You play your cards right and this could all be yours someday” she says.”He’s got no kids. You wonder why I married him, but I was thinking of you all along”
Harvard doesn’t want to have all these goodies and power the money can bring him. He dislikes the felling of being better than his fellow people. Harvard cannot stand the expensive champagne and expensive cigars, as his stepfather always has around him. ‘’Harvard’’ is not a boy who fits the life as a rich man. Harvard enjoy the small intimate moments in life, such as drinking a beer with his classmates at a bar on a Friday night. The cold cufflinks as he got from his grandmother. The cufflinks are made of gold, but one day the steel underneath appears. The steel appears as the main character's real sexuality appears. The gold on the cufflinks symbolizes the main character’s wealthy stepfather. When the stepfather dies, the main charactor will get all…...

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