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The 2008 Chinese milk scandal was a food safety incident in the People's Republic of China, involving milk and infant formula, and other food materials and components, adulterated with melamine.
By November 2008, China reported an estimated 300,000 victims, with six infants dying from kidney stones and other kidney damage, and a further 860 babies hospitalized. The chemical appeared to have been added to milk to cause it to appear to have higher protein content. In a separate incident four years before, watered-down milk had resulted in 13 infant deaths from malnutrition.
The scandal broke on 16 July, after sixteen infants in Gansu Province, who had been fed on milk powder produced by Shijiazhuang-based Sanlu Group, were diagnosed with kidney stones. After the initial focus on Sanlu — market leader in the budget segment — government inspections revealed the problem existed to a lesser degree in products from 21 other companies, including Mengniu, Yili, and Yashili.
The issue raised concerns about food safety and political corruption in China, and damaged the reputation of China's food exports, with at least 11 countries stopping all imports of Chinese dairy products.
As of July 2010, Chinese authorities were still reporting some seizures of melamine-contaminated dairy product in some provinces, though it was unclear whether these new contaminations constituted wholly new adulterations or were the result of illegal reuse of material from the 2008 adulterations.
It was a very big incident faced by china ever and it was a very big challenge for world health organization (WHO). China recalled baby milk formula megnin diary co limited and they called back them production from last November and may. The WHO referred to the incident as one of the largest food safety events it has had to deal with in…...

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