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The Call Triangle: student, teacher and institution

Learning register variation. A web-based platform for developing diaphasic skills∗
Adriano Allora, Elisa Corino and Cristina Onesti
Dipartimento di Scienze Letterarie e Filologiche - Università di Torino
Via Sant’Ottavio 20, Torino 10124, Italy

The present paper shows the first results of a linguistic project devoted to the construction of web learning tools for reinforcing sensitivity to diaphasic varieties and for learning style variation in L2/LS learning.
Keywords: L2/LS learning; style variation; web based platform

1. Introduction
This paper aims at presenting a project analysing formal varieties of European online languages, working on a suite of Net Mediated Communication (NMC) corpora and studying lexical, discourse and macro-syntactic phenomena. The practical implications of the studies aim at developing freely available resources devoted to L2/LS learning and the development of a web-based delivery platform.

2. The VALERE project
The project (‘Varietà Alte di Lingue Europee in REte’: Formal Varieties in Newsgroups of European
Languages: Structural Features, Interlinguistic Comparison and Teaching Applications) aims at investigating the wide range of formal language in some main European languages with particular attention to NMC.
The research is based on the NUNC (i.e. Newsgroup UseNet Corpus1), a collection of corpora created from newsgroup messages implemented at the University of Turin.
Formal varieties have considerable relevance for language teaching: an education based exclusively on some language varieties and disregarding their effective pragmatic expressions in usage, can indeed lead to a serious incompleteness of communicative competence in foreign language.
This project aims at partly filling up the gap of textbooks – in general not sensitive to…...

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