Business Plan——Video & Photo Making Studio

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Business Plan
——Video & Photo Making Studio
1. Company Overview
1-1 Company Background
When people have been getting old, they really want to do something to stay their time and catch every moment of their life, so people try to take pictures or record videos for the precious occasions; however, most of them don’t have good devices or professional skills to help them hit their targets. Therefore, some companies showed up, and they claimed that they could help people preserve their important memories. But the products of those companies are uneven in their qualities; a lot of customers not only complained about the awful things they got but also felt sad about their lost remembrances.
For those fore mentioned situations, our company will be born to help people solve those problems. We have a professional team, cutting-edge equipment, and latest skills, so we can offer the best products with excellent qualities for customers. Moreover, we will not only customize each product to match every customer’s need but also provide different kinds of services for customers to choose.
1-2 Product and Service
Our product and service is shooting and making professional and unique films or videos for the people who are interested in preserving their memories. Our products and services contain wedding films, other occasional films, personal or family video, special documentary, music video, etc.
1-3 Mission Statement
We make perfect and unique videos/films and provide customized services for ordinary people by our professional teams, advanced equipment and latest skills. In our company, all our clients can become the superstars in their life and obtain the lively memories forever.
1-4 Strategy Statement We will establish company in Shanghai, China with image stores and filming bases to offer our advanced and unique products to the clients who are high income groups in…...

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