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BROADCAST * TV * medium of greatest impact

* MOJO * Mobile Journalism * Mobile journalist * Vericorder + smartphone = you can now make a story for radio and TV

RADIO * Origin of Broadcasting * Development of USA was adopted also in the Philippines.

Lee de Forest * Father of radio * Invented the vacuum tube on 1906, after 10 years it was perfected. * First to cover the Presidential Election

David Sarnoff * a Russian immigrant * wireless operator * first to work together with the electronic companies in the U.S [Westinghouse, GE, AT&T] * Created the RCA (Radio Corporation of America) lead by David Sarnoff. * established the NBC (National Broadcasting Company)

Frank Conrad * First to prove Sarnoff's convention that people will listen to radio. * Started to broadcast music in 1919, Pittsburgh. * Stimulated the sales of radio and leads the Three Companies to develop sets. * Westinghouse opened a radio station called KDKA on Nov. 2, 1920

KDKA * first fully licensed commercial broadcasting in the USA

Early 1920's * KDKA was first introduced in the Philippines. * We had the first radio station in the Philippines called KZIB. But was closed due to financial reasons and they don’t have the technical ability.

KZIB * Isaac Beck-first to invest * 20 watts

Broadcast Call Letters * KZIB * KDKA * DYRC * DYAB * DYHP

1920 * KDKA was introduced in the Philippines (Manila) * KZIB (20 watts owned by Isaac Beck)

1924 * KZKZ was established, with 100 watts owned by Henry Hermann. * KZRZ/KZRM - owned by RCP (Radio Corporation of the Philippines)


MARCH 2, 1929 * Established the first provincial radio station called…...

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