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The management issues faced by Blue Flowers (Pvt) Ltd are,
1) The organizational incentive system is not aligned with corporate vision
The company vision is “to be a leading manufacturer of world class quality artificial flowers in South Asia by year 2020”.To attain this vision they company have been flowing with steady import orders. To fulfill these buyers’ needs company has to increase the production. While increasing the production suddenly in a larger amount company should guide and motivate the employees to achieve those targets. An effective incentive scheme helps to hit the targets on time. But in this company the incentive scheme is not considered about the company vision and it is not properly planned. It has created troubles for company as well as the employees. The vision emphasis the quality of the products, but currently the company has a highest defect rate about 10-15% after introducing the incentive scheme. 2) No proper coordination among departments
Production department complained to other departments that due to their faults they couldn’t hit the targets and defect rate is increased. If the departments have a proper coordination about those activities and tasks they did not face problems.
This is a barrier to smooth functioning of the company.

3) Incentive scheme is not properly communicated to the employees
The content, objectives and the benefits of the incentive scheme should be clearly communicated to the employees. Because…...

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