Black Lives Matter

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Jimmia Clayton
Dr. Camille Passalacqua
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9-22-15 The Break Down Of “The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’” Imagine you get a phone call at 10 o’clock at night from the police station saying you son has been shot and killed by a police officer. After your hysterical screaming and crying you scramble up the strength to ask what happened and they begin to tell you that the police officer who shot your son “assumed” he had a weapon and proceeded to shoot him in “self-defense”. You among others begin to protest and then the people you trust to run your country tell you that you’re wrong for it. In the editorial, “ The truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’ ” published by New York Times Opinion Pages, the writer talks about how the Republican Party is trying to demonize the protest movement that is the result of “all-too-common” deaths of unarmed African Americans by police officers and uses logos and pathos to get his point across. The writer uses logos throughout most of this article. He adds an insert of former governor Mike Huckabee saying “ The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were he alive, would be appalled by the movement’s focus on the skin color of the unarmed people who are disproportionately killed in encounters with the police.”(Opinion Pages Writers). The writer goes on to say that “This argument betrays a disturbing indifference to or at best a profound ignorance of history in general and of the civil rights movement in particular.” (Opinion Pages Writers). By saying this he prepares the readers for facts and talks about them in depth so the reader will understand. The writer discussed how the movement focused on bringing an end to state-sanctioned violence against African Americans and to acts of racial terror. By stating the reason for the movement he clearly gives his reasoning for his opinion and goes on to prove his case using more…...

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