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1000 Eagle Drive
Denton, TX 76201 | | p. 1-800-555-BENTOf. 1-800-555-BENTO | | |

1000 Eagle Drive
Denton, TX 76201 | | p. 1-800-555-BENTOf. 1-800-555-BENTO | | |

Est. Dec. 1, 2015
Est. Dec. 1, 2015

Table of Contents Executive Summary 2
Mission Statement
Keys to Success Description of Business 3
Company Ownership/Legal Entity
Hours of Operation
Products and Services
Financial Management
Start-Up/Acquisition Summary Marketing 3
Market Analysis
Market Segmentation
Pricing Appendix 3
Start-Up Expenses
Determining Start-Up Capital
Cash Flow
Income Projection Statement
Profit and Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
Sales Forecast
Break-Even Analysis
Miscellaneous Documents

Executive Summary
Bento is a premium food box delivery club. Once subscribed, customers will receive a monthly package containing a variety of food that will feature different themes depending on the time of the year. All food will be selected for its high quality and health-consciousness depending on the theme of the month. Primary customers will typically be men and women aged 18-40 that are looking for a unique and healthy alternative to monthly food subscriptions as well as well thought out gifts.

Highlights | Summarize key business highlights. For example, you might include a chart showing sales, expenses and net profit for several years.Note: to replace the sample chart data with your own, right-click the chart and then click Edit Data. |

Objectives | For example, include a timeline of the goals you hope you to achieve. |

Mission Statement | If you have a mission statement, include it here. Also include any essential points about your…...

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...mouth and loyal customers. The website would become a main part of the marketing effort and create awareness for prospective customers. Finally, foot traffic will increase as the website develops. New customers will hear about Suzuki’s Teriyaki from search results. Offering coupons online and through e-mails can draw more customers new and old. Furthermore, Suzuki’s Teriyaki will be able to control the traffic by offering certain specials at certain times. For instance during the summer, a large auto show takes place at the Uptown plaza, Suzuki’s Teriyaki can offer specials during times like this draw even more customers in. Current Online Competitor Assessment The competitors for Suzuki’s Teriyaki are P.F. Chang’s, Toeshi Teriyaki, Bento Teriyaki, Sakura, and Amazon. All are restaurants except for Amazon. Amazon is listed as a competitor because they sell a lot of teriyaki sauce online which is one of the areas that Suzuki’s Teriyaki hopes to improve with a website. P.F. Chang’s is a national chain restaurant with annual revenue of more than a billion dollars. They have over 200 restaurants and employ more than 20,000 people. About two years ago a P.F. Chang’s restaurant opened in the Tri-Cities area. The location is right next to the largest shopping center in Central Washington and is very visible. P.F. Chang’s immediately became a very popular place to dine. Local Asian restaurants lost a little business initially but the strong local economy allowed the restaurants...

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