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In our culture today, teenagers are stereotyped as unruly, irresponsible and out of control. They tend to be more impulsive than the adults. Majority of their time are consumed for insignificant matters such as watching a television instead of doing some physical activities. Primarily, what has caused these perverse stances? One probable reason is the modern technology.
Over the last decade, the daily experience of adolescents has been transformed by progression in electronic media, including the computer, the internet and cellphones. The average teen spends over 10 hours a day using some form of technology. Although there are many benefits, there have also been numerous disadvantages such us over reliance, lack of interaction, social isolation and finally, decreased exercise. Furthermore, most children nowadays have moved away from stimulating activities that a normal kid with a happy childhood commonly do. For instance, playing in the playground, getting their selves dirty, playing hide and seek, Chinese jump-rope, London Bridge, yoyo, scrabble, monkey bar and bicycling are oftentimes neglected for these so-called modern gadgets.
Many children, even when given the opportunity to get outdoors and play, often prefer the seclusion, playing on the computer or with their videogames. Studies have shown that kids who spend more time using these high-tech gadgets tend to have worse grades than those who are active and involved in extracurricular activities. Less exposure to technology could make a child more successful with the activities in life.

When our parents entered their teens, TV and radio were the main forms of electronic media. Back then, phones were just phones – they carried only voice transmission and had to be connected to a wall outlet. For many, indeed, it sounds hopelessly old-fashioned. However, today you can take a call, listen to music, watch a…...

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