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Archived Voice

A Thesis
Presented to the
Faculty of the College of Computer Studies
Philippine Christian University – Manila City Campus


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of

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Martin Joseph D. Abao

October 2012


Title : Archived Voice

Proponent : Martin Joseph D. Abao

Year : October 2012

Course : Associate in Computer Technology

Adviser :

The study answers the demographic profile of the students, disabled people, programmers, professionals, computer-literate and foreigners/linguistic in terms of year level, company, course, position, language spoken and their age; the problems encountered by the respondents in terms of: Making documents and paper works, Understanding the application’s environment; the benefits and opportunities of the respondents by using the Archived Voice like changing of the application’s environment into different languages, making documents, and paper works in an easy way, time and speed constraints in using the application; and the evaluation of the respondents about the software in terms of: Efficiency, User-friendliness, Reliability, Portability, Accuracy, Robustness, Error-Handling Facility, Speed, Effectiveness and Usability. It has no significant difference on the problem encountered by the respondents in terms of Making documents and paper works and Understanding the application’s environment. It also has no significant difference on the evaluation of…...

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