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Analyze on Developing 4pl in Today’s China

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Analyze on Developing 4PL in Today’s China

Explain the title of the study 4PL is shorted for fourth-party logistics. The title is “Analyze on Developing Fourth-party Logistics in Today’s China” The purpose of the study With the development of the global economy, the market competition encountered by corporations is no longer from businesses but other supply chains. Corporations could on obtain the competitive advantage through supply chain integration. The purpose of this study is that whether 4PL could help to realize the jumping development in logistics or not in today’s China. The importance of the study Recently, 4PL is caused a heated discussion in the business world and many companies have the plan to join in it. But many company managers do not know much about 4PL. This analyze is so important for the managers because it helps them decide whether 4PL is a good choice for their companies or not. What should be analyzed Owning to the lagging status of 3PL, information technology, supply chain management consultation, and high cost of seeking for a qualified supplier, today’s China, as a matter of fact, does not possess the existing and development condition of 4PL. On the contrary, analyze from the business cost, information technology, professional technology, and the position in the supply chain, to develop 3PL has much more feasibility and developing advantage. The research questions Q1: Is 4PL important in today’s business society? Q2: Is 4PL suited for all companies? Q3: What other choices managers can choose if 4PL in not suit for their companies. For example, 3PL may be a good…...

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