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Redaktion og tilrettelæggelse af indhold for Skolestyrelsen:
Lektor Hans Jørgen Beck, adjunkt Thomas Kaas og fagkonsulent Klaus Fink
Grafisk tilrettelæggelse: Schwander Kommunikation –
Foto: Colourbox
1. udgave, februar 2010
ISBN (WWW) 978-87-92140-60-9
Publikationen findes kun i elektronisk format
Udgivet af Styrelsen for Evaluering og Kvalitetsudvikling af Folkeskolen
Eventuelle henvendelser af indholdsmæssig karakter rettes til Skolestyrelsen,
Kontor for Afgangsprøver, Test og Evalueringer

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...The New Girl Af Marc Mitchell Johannes 1u. To believe in yourself, and believe in your own will, may not always be as easy as it sounds. The effects that a person you look up to, can have on your own acts, are not to be underestimated. In “The New Girl”, our narrator experiences that these effects can result in a forever lasting knot. You can always regret what you have said, but can you live with it? “The New Girl” is a short, simple story, which brings up some themes we all know about, and feelings we may have experienced on our own. Friendship is a big theme in the story. The narrator clearly looks up to Allison (l. 8-9), but it seems like their relationship has certain problems. Apparently the narrator does not believe, that they really liked each other (l. 11-12). They just played together, back then. Allison is a little older than the narrator (l. 6-7), which makes him a mix between a good friend, and a younger brother to Allison. It seems like they don’t really care about each other, as actual good friends do, but just spent time together, because they have nothing else to do. This is not a great starting-point for a friendship, and the narrator confirms that it did not last long, as he points out that he “(…) never spoke to Allison after my family left Prospect Street (…)”(l. 84-85). Marc Mitchell’s style of writing is very simple, which makes it easy for the reader to capture the meaning and message of the story, rather than wondering about what each......

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...’The New Girl’ analysis The story takes place in a white lower-middle-class neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Prospect Street. Only 2 kids live in the block, Allison and the narrator, so they have to be friends whether they like it or not. Allison is 10 years old while the narrator is only 8, so Allison is a kind of role model to him. A day like any other, where they almost crash, the narrator hears a laugh and turns his head to find a small girl. They smile at each other, though the peace soon being disturbed by Allison. She calls the girl nigger and scares her away. The girl tries explaining that she thought they could play but Allison calls her nigger again. The girl walks back to her house. As Allison and the narrator slowly leaves they talk about who she was. She moved in a week ago and Allison’s mom claims it’ll ruin their house if they stay. As they drove away from the house the little girls mother looks out the window with eyes filled with rage. The story takes place in USA, Prospect Street. It’s the narrators, and writers, childhood setting. The narrator says, ‘It was a hot, bright day’. He tells us how the sun is shining and warming up the place, which makes it seem like summer. Therefor we can say that the setting is a summer day in USA, Prospect Street probably around the 1940’s. There are 3 important characters in the story the narrator, Allison and the little girl. The narrator is an 8.year-old boy. He’s innocent, in the way that he doesn’t......

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...Analysis and interpretation of “The new Girl” Allison is a girl at the age of ten, who lives on Prospect Street with her parents and likes to play with Barbies and listen to Hall and Oates. Prospect Street is a street placed in a lower middle-class white neighborhood, where most of the houses are about seventy years old. In the start of the story the environment is described: It’s a hot day, the sun is shinning and everything is burning. The burning part is a symbol of this intense conflict, which is about to appear later in the text between the new girl, the narrator and Allison. Allison’s mother does not like the new neighbors, it seems. She is prejudiced against them, because of the color of their skin. She thinks that they are going to ruin their house, meaning that the new neighbors will make the prices of the neighborhood fall, because no white person wants to share the same street with a ‘nigger.’ Allison has of course inherited the same hatred towards African Americans. You see that clearly in the text; “I said get out of here, nigger, or I’ll beat you up.” As for the narrator: he doesn’t feel that same spitefulness that Allison and her mother have for African Americans, at all. I am by the way assuming that the narrator is a boy, from the three facts that the narrator doesn’t share Allison’s interest in Barbies, they have been pretending to be married and then there is the fact that they are already friends, yet the narrator is wondering if she likes him.......

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...Essay on "The New Girl" by Marc Mitchell "I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls." This quote was said by Martin Luther King, Jr., in his famous speech "I have a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. was a black man, who fought against both apartheid and segregation. His dream came true, as we live in a world where it is accepted by most to have different skin colour, a different culture and religion. The short story "The new girl" by Marc Mitchell, is a good example that children can be more accepting of others, but also how easily parents can affect their children's opinions. The story takes place in a suburb in Alabama around the 1970's, as the story is the narrators flashback from 20 years before the story was written, and the band 'Hall and Oates' was founded in the late 1960's, and it is mentioned that Allison has an interest in that specific band. In this story the narrator is also the protagonist as it is being told in a 1st person point of view. The narrator lived on a street by the name Prospect Street, in a "white lower-middle class neighborhood" (p. 22, l. 15.) In this story, there is the protagonist, Allison and the new girl, whose name we do not know. The protagonist was eight in the beginning of the story and was, together with Allison, one of the only children on the block, so they "were best friends by default." (p. 1, ll. 7-8). The two children spent a lot of time together, as it is written in...

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...Essay – One Friday Morning ”One Friday Morning” is written by Langston Hughes in 1950’s. When I was reading the story I couldn’t stop thinking about racism and difference between black people and white people and how the black people have to fight for them self all the time, back then but also now a days. The main character is Nancy Lee. She goes to school a white school, called George Washington High and she seems proud of being a Negro American. She also seems to be a calm and friendly girl, a girl that knows what she wants, and is following her dreams. I can see that because the last line in the text is “that is the land we must make” when I read that, I could see she is a real fighter and a girl who wants to change the country. The theme of the text is racism and difference between black people and white people, because the committee found out that Nancy Lee was black and then they changed their plans about her getting the “art scholarship of the year”. Analysis - composition: The text starts with in medias res, because we don’t get an introduction or a presentation. It is a chronological order, and the end is open. Because Nancy Lee could have done something and I think that it is obvious that she would, with the last words she is thinking. Story-teller: it is a 3.Person story-teller. I think the story-teller knows about Nancy Lee’s feelings, or maybe it is a person who knows her very well. And it is always this person’s point of view we see in the......

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...The new girl Summary The new girl is based on real story which is told by Marc Mitchell from the collection of biographical texts: True Tales of American life by Paul Auster from 2001. The story takes place in the neighborhood Prospect Street where a lot of white families live. The story is about an eight-year old boy. He and his friend Allison, who is ten, are riding their bikes on a warm summer day. He is not really sure if he actually likes her, but there is not anyone else he can play with. One day he sees a younger girl standing in the neighborhood across her bike, she is watching them playing with the bikes. The little black girl has recently moved in with her family, and Allisons mother has told Allison, that the new family was going to ruin their house. The boy in the story smiles at the girl and she smiles back. Allison tells the girl to get out of the neighborhood while the little girl says ‘hi’ to her. The boy looks at Allison and tries to imitate the older girl’s expression, but he does not look into the little girl’s eyes. The little girl wants to play with them, but Alison just spits after her. She says scornfully that she does not play with niggers. The younger girl walks hurt into the house and they can after a few minutes see a person from the inside looking out at them. The boy is expecting that the girl’s mother will appear from the house and demand them to make it up to her daughter. It never occurs. The boy does see the girl from time to time, and......

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