America in 1900

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America in 1900

History 12
January 26th, 2016

The President of the United States that guided the country into the 1900’s was William McKinley. He was a civil war hero, after the civil war he dedicated his life to study law to become a lawyer. He was a quiet reserved man, and had an incredible quality of persuading people. McKinley was charismatic and many Americans around the country went to the white house to see him. He was elected in 1987 and led the country out of the worst depression they have passed. In 1900 was election year, and because of the good growing economy and good administrative results people wanted him to run for presidency again. However, his wife Ida Saxton was very sick and he did not know if she would be able to be with him in a new mandate. She was a very beautiful, strong woman when they met. McKinley fell in love with her very quickly. Rapidly after they got married, Ida Saxton had their first baby girl. Then, she was pregnant again of her second baby. During labor of the second child, she had convulsions that affected her second baby lifespan. Shortly, after six months her baby died and her life changed forever. She kept having convulsions, which doctors diagnosed as being epilepsy. Years later, her first daughter also died. As a consequence, Ida Saxton went to a deep depression. Even though she was very sick, she kept by McKinley side. She accompanied him all the events that he needed to present. The United State was the most prosperous country in the world. People were happy and if they were not prosperous yet, they would keep working on it to make their dreams come true. In the winter, the northern rich people went to the south to enjoy a better climate. Because of the railroads that were built during the Civil War, Americans were then able to travel across the country easily. Railroads made possible for people…...

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