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Alchoholism Case Study
This case study took place at an Alcohol and Addiction Counselling Practice. This service offers people with drug or alcohol related problems an opportunity to increase their quality of life by: providing advice and information, one-to-one counselling, a gender specific alcohol and drug user group, a support group for people who have stopped drinking or using drugs and a family and friends support group. The first interview with Claire took place in October 2000. Her psychiatrist referred Claire to our practice. His first contact with Claire was in August of the same year. She was referred to him by a hospital that had treated her for an attempted suicide. Although the psychiatrist is treating Claire for severe depression it has become apparent to him that she has a problem with alcohol. She is 30 years old and was divorced two years ago. She has no children. There is no partner in her life now or since her divorce and she lives in a rented one bed roomed house. She is unemployed and is currently in receipt of Income Support. Claire has requested a counselling programme that will help her to abstain from alcohol. She has not drunk any alcohol for two weeks prior to her appointment at this service, but she is on prescribed medication: tranquillisers and anti-depressants for depression.

The main objective of this interview is to gather information in order to assess which of our services will best benefit Claire to aid her with abstinence from alcohol. At the beginning of the interview it was explained to Claire that anything she told me would be confidential unless she disclosed anything that I felt was harmful to herself or to anyone else. It was then explained that in order to assess her situation, details of her background would be needed. Claire was born in 1970 and has two brothers, one older and one younger. Her father was…...

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