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Title The title for the proposed study is THE EFFECT OF TIME MANAGEMENT IN AN ORGANISATION. This paper will present the different methods, approaches and instruments to be used in order to implement the study successfully in the future.

Background of the Study/Literature Review
The saying “Time is money while effectiveness is life” has been accepted by more and more people. Time is a special and rare resource (Drucker, 1985), therefore, there is a close relationship between how to use time effectively and everyone’s work, study and life.
Background of the Study/Literature Review
The saying “Time is money while effectiveness is life” has been accepted by more and more people. Time is a special and rare resource (Drucker, 1985), therefore, there is a close relationship between how to use time effectively and everyone’s work, study and life.
Time is a major organizational resource. The effective exploitation and utilization of time has a positive effect on the regular function and development of an organization (Schriber and Gutek, 1987). Management activity consists of five main factors: goal, human, environment, time and information. Time management is a major element of organizational and individual management. How to effectively exploit and utilize time resource connects closely with the chairman of the board, general manager and even down to every grass-roots worker. What is more, the crucial importance of a manager and the typical characters of their work – diversity, complexity and flexibility – gives special importance to time management of different levels and makes it the premise of the whole management activities and the base for working effectiveness. Effectiveness of a manager’s work plays the most important role in an organization’s existence, development and prosperity.

Aims and Objectives The main aim of the study is…...

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