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So Long to the Sunday Classifieds
Management Dilemma * The innovative strategies for recruitment * To boost the recruitment efficiency & reducing the cost to hire.
Management Response * Use the idols/ heroes in ad * Brief of benefits & facilities * Contract recruiting, campus recruiting, employee referrals, computer databases, and internet recruiting.

Q.1: Assess the effectiveness of a recruitment advertising strategy that relies on imaginative, highly visual, eye-catching ads. What are the potential strengths and drawbacks of this approach to recruitment advertising?
Ans 1: The effectiveness of recruitment advertising is to send a unique and memorable message about the company to the gain the attention of the applicants in a single moment and to create attention, interest, desire and action and create a positive impression about the firm. After watching this ad the many applicants will apply in the company. The drawback of this approach would be that many applicants would send their resume which would be difficult for the company to sort out the most effective employee and would be more time consuming for the company.

Q.No 2: What type of company (in what kind of industry) would benefit most from contract recruiters? What type would benefit least?
Ans 2: The firm which are operating oversees and could not operate in different countries around the globe will get the most benefit from the contract recruiters as the talent can be anywhere. The industry wanted to find the best candidate for the job and performance management for the job. The industry which would benefit the most through contract recruiter is…...

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