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Essay Writing


Essay writing involves expressing ones views and interpretations in relation to a specified subject area, and this clearly cannot be done in accordance with a fixed or universally applicable formula. Yet we would, I think, all agree that an essay can be judged in terms of what an informed reader can ‘get out of it’ and also that a ‘good’ essay is one which such a reader will find interesting, informative and easy to understand. If this is accepted it becomes possible to articulate some general features of an essay which will make it more interesting, informative and accessible.

1. Address the question or title;
2. Follow a structured and signposted sequence;
3. Demonstrate a familiarity with relevant literature;
4. Present an analysis and evaluation of the ideas and theories discussed;
5. Reveal internal integration and coherence;
6. Use references and examples to support its claims and arguments;
7. Detail references and sources and bibliography/referencing sections.

Part 1: Writing an Essay

1. Addressing the Question/Title

An essay should address what is meant by the title/question to which it refers. It should, in other words inform the reader of the issues of which are to be considered and the manner in which they are to be related. This may, for example, be achieved by describing previous definitions of, or approaches to, a problem and/of by offering the writers own interpretation of the issue/s.

For Example, on approach to writing an essay entitled ‘Is intelligence a valid concept for the educational psychologist’ could be introduced as follows:-

‘The concept of intelligence has been used differently by different psychologist, so that, the very meaning of the term has become a matter of debate.

Most noticeable, perhaps, is the divergence of definitions and research programmes adopted by,…...

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