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What exactly can encapsulate how a year in Cambridge has been like? What choice of words, what photos, what specific memories would suffice to capture the whirlwind of emotions, the myriad of new experiences? Nothing really seems to come close, but here’s a shot at it.

Cook-outs – One of the first few things that you’ll start missing when overseas would definitely be the food; your humble hokkein mee, chye tao kueh, rojak, laksa… you name it, we’ll crave it. The fact that the only photos that Singaporeans seem capable of posting on Facebook are that of food certainly doesn’t make things easier. So what does one do then? LEARN HOW TO COOK. This was no mean feat for me especially, as someone who didn’t know how to cook an omelette without charring. The learning curve may be steep but you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll learn and also how high your tolerance for substandard food becomes when you’ve misjudged the time to let your noodles boil and the amount of salt to add for the 912695th time. Not to worry also, CUMSA is overrun by excellent individuals who are so well-rounded that they can not only finish all their supervision work, attend formals every night and generally save the world, but they can cook. So when you’re tired of eating over-salted soggy noodles, all you need to do is wrangle an invitation to dinner. Oh the delicacies that they can whip up, but more importantly the glorious company and bonds forged over dinner. Food really is one of the ties that bind Singaporeans together and served together with a generous helping of laughter and Singlish chatter, it does wonders to lift one’s spirit.

Arghhhhhh! – To be fair, I ran out of brain juice and just could not find a suitable word. But I think this sense of exasperation does describe the main emotion felt when ploughing through example papers and coursework. But know that there is always light at…...

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