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The strategy of Fowler’ farm is cost leadership. It is a strategy to decrease the cost and increase the profit. I think the farm can keep their cost low in these method. The first is to improve their manufacturing performance. Such as get new techniques, improve the efficient. The second way is to decrease the transport costs. They can use their own truck to the main market. And why i choose this strategy is because the price is a competitive advantage for farm. So if the Fowler’ farm want to keep profit and compete with others, cost leadership is the best strategy for them.

Fowler’ farm is large and profitable
Automated milking equipment and any other production facilities
Experienced employees

Lack of knowledge about the accounting procedures
Old operating method

The neighbor farm become lager and more profitable
Current price of the product of the farm is lower.

1 The new strategy is differentiation. Because the Dana company produce the smaller batches of product. And they add many features to their product, make them become more colorful, more attractive.

2 value chain:
1 design and development we can make our design more attractive to the customers,such as the paper for food companies. And we can design for different companies of their requirements.
2 purchase materials we use the better materials to add value
3 production and operating use the advanced technology to improve the productivity and quality
4 marketing and advertising we can sell specialization paper to the different company.
5 sales high quality and special product can help us enter into much more new markets.
6 service
Design products according to customer demand and ask for their requirement.

3 For the differentiation strategy, customer perspective is much more important.…...

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