4 P's of Marking

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4 p's of marketing
The Four P's of Marketing
The four P's of marketing are:
Product is what you are selling. Not just the physical product or the actual service, but all the customer benefits and values that the product represents. It is usually not important to have the best possible product. Cutting edge and feature packed products cost more. The key is to have the most valuable product in its price range.
Price is the amount that the customer must pay. This is the acid test of whether the features you added to the product were really valuable, or whether you might have been better to cut a few low-value features out and so be able to offer a lower price.
Place is sometimes thought unimportant to online business. However, many deals still go best with a handshake. Services can only be cost-effectively provided within a fixed travel-radius. Shipping costs matter. Place is still a vital concern. With the internet, all online shops are on the super-highway and equidistant to any customer, and yet people still look for local and regional suppliers. Financial and legal issues are still mostly set by place too. Where will you place your distribution centers? Would better placement of your business let you ship faster or more cost-efficiently?
Promotion is the P that everyone knows Marketing is about. Of course, we are not only talking about advertising in promotions, but also sponsorships, public relations, special offers, viral marketing, and so much more.
Every business, and every product or service, will need its own special blend of those four elements. The cheaper the product and the better your place, the lower the price you can offer. The more attractive a product is for the price, the further people will travel or the longer they'll wait, and the less promotion the product will need.
The 4 P's of marketing all…...

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